About Us

We would like to introduce ourselves as education enthusiasts. We are a segment of the society who has a macro level ambition in the field of education With education, we not only mean students or student related issues, but we mean each and every branch that is attached to the education system. This comprises of students, parents and teachers along with schools, academic institutes, etc.

Education system is one of those segments wholly responsible for developing the future; however it is sometimes neglected at the macro level. Many of us have ideas and thoughts in our minds, but we all need a system to showcase them in a correct manner and channelize them. We at Crystal Quest aim provide a platform to all of them to be able to voice their views and contribute to the educational development.

Hence, we, the team of CRYSTAL QUEST are humbly putting forward our efforts to help our readers develop a new approach from the grass root level. In our magazine we talk about all the issues related to schooling and education system focusing them to the right audience at right time.

Our target audiences are:

Parents: Who are often searching for information, which is concrete and substantial and not just a word of mouth fact.

Students: Who are curious about the education system and would like to know the options available to them. Also, give them an insight about issues from the parents and teacher’s point of view.

Teachers: The most important crafts men, our teachers, who are very rarely heard. They are the creators of the future who have the treasure of knowledge and ideas.